Instant SSL – Unshared Certificate for Free and in Real Time

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We know how hard it was to get a SSL certificate and we shared the burden of requesting, validating, setting up and renewing the certificates with you every day in the past. However, web developers of all countries, we bring good news. Starting today, you can get an unshared, trusted certificate in matter of seconds. And completely free.

Cooperation with the right partner – Let’s Encrypt in this case – enables us to offer what seemed like a sci-fi few years back. We even took it a step further. Not only do we issue the certificate for free and in real-time; all new CDN Resources are now created secure by default! The idea of HTTPS-only internet is a bit closer again.

We believe strongly that Let’s Encrypt will disrupt the market in the same way the HTTP2 did. Anything that makes the internet a better place has our passionate support.

This great feature will be ready starting Thursday, December 3rd, 7pm GMT ( 11am PST).

For more technical details, see .

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