New PoP in Zurich

Less than a minute read

Most people travelling to Zurich plan to visit the beautiful Old Town or promenade on the stretched shore of Lake Zürich. Purpose of our travel was different: to open a new PoP there for you.

Being in central Europe, Zurich is a great location choice, and this addition will contribute to a smoother experience of your end users not only in Switzerland but also in surrounding countries, mainly the DACH region.

Rest assured that we are feeding our Points of Presence network well, so it will continue to grow. Currently, we operate 34 PoPs worldwide.

We have automatically added and enabled Zurich PoP in your Control Panel, so there is no action needed from your side to take advantage of it, and there are no extra costs. Should you decide to disable it, you can do it in a couple of clicks here.

Not a client yet?

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