Milan Point of Presence

35th Point of Presence Opens in Milan

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We’re bringing you another great news after recently making your content delivery even smoother in the DACH region by opening a new PoP in Zurich. Drink up your espresso and get ready for the Italian ride with your 14th PoP in Europe and 35th PoP in total – Milan.

Having a local presence and being directly connected to the largest Italian telecommunications services provider, Telecom Italia, allows us to deliver your content blazingly fast. This is just icing on the cake in the context of our high European Points of Presence concentration which ensures top performance for your audience there.

Activating the Milan PoP

Your Milan PoP has been automatically activated if you haven’t customized the network settings in the past. In case you have a custom PoP setup, it’s just a one click activation in the Data Centers tab for each CDN Resource in your Control Panel.

This applies to all users regardless of their pricing model – all trial, Monthly Plan and Pay-as-you-go users can benefit from having the Milan PoP activated from now on.

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