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Welcome even better Monthly Plans

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2018 is coming to an end. Cloud and edge services got better and more integrated, making the Internet better every year. The industry is still rapidly growing and we want to thank everyone involved.

All the changes and news rolling out are exciting. There’s always a “but” though. Something that doesn’t change much or even changes for the worse – the pricing.

Better Internet More Affordable Internet Services

Unless you’re eligible for a custom quote, you’re often stuck with pricing structures that by no means reflect the growth and scalability everyone’s boasting about.

We’ve heard about the difficulties of finding a cost-effective solution for your global content delivery. One of our clients recently shared his experience doing a CDN pricing research, it may sound familiar to you:

I couldn’t find any pricing; they did, however, have a 13-page sales document that didn’t tell me anything I wanted to know.

By the way, this pricing and features comparison of major CDN providers will save you hours.

Cut down your CDN costs and make your content delivery more efficient

IP transit costs get lower as CDN providers scale. This year has been hell of a ride and the number of both customers and egress traffic has skyrocketed. Our daily traffic peaks regularly exceed 4Tbps which means more than a 100% YoY growth.

It would only be fair to reflect this and give YOU better prices too.

$9.99 is the price per TB you can now get with our redesigned Monthly Plans. Flat rate, global traffic, simple and transparent pricing.

You can now choose between 6, 25, 50 and 100TB Monthly Plans. The 50TB plan is a new one because many of our clients asked for it. All the plans cover all North American and European PoPs + Istanbul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

You can switch to PAYG whenever you like, the payment is on a month-to-month basis, no commitments. The conditions simply stay the same. Take a look.

Nothing has changed for our current Monthly Plan user. If you want to switch to the newer plans, please let us know at or contact your account manager directly. The new plans will be activated from the following month upon request.

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