Why we don’t outsource our customer support

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How many times have you encountered a “customer comes first” company responding in a not very helpful fashion? Whenever I deal with a customer support, there are only two possible outcomes. In an ideal scenario, I’m satisfied and my problem was solved. In many cases, however, I receive a reply that is either automated or tells me to wait a few days, neither of which helps. Lately, I’ve even noticed that robots are taking over customer supportWell done losing touch with your clients.

We know customer support could be demanding and, sometimes, frustrating. However, that’s the part and parcel of business and we love it. We’re here for our customers. That’s why we never even thought of a robotic or an outsourced support. Robots and some outsourced company don’t seem to know the problems you may face. Our engineers do.

Now, we realise robotic support is still rare and most companies have humans. Nonetheless, we have encountered many companies outsource their customer support. Especially the larger ones. As if their customers’ concerns didn’t matter as they let someone else, often on the other side of the world, take care of them. 

We don’t buy it.

I wonder how someone who doesn’t know a company product inside out can help me or you? I am sure many support companies do their best to help. Yet they are simply not capable of providing a qualified support to the broad range of queries and requests that may come up.

At CDN77.com, we hire engineers to do the support because we know they can solve issues. They know the tricks of their trade. It’s their job to know. They sit next to and work closely with the developers and some of them even become ones over time. It’s mutually beneficial as the developers can bear in mind what customers want or need during the development process. They stay in touch.

What I don’t understand is that it’s usually the big companies that outsource their support. Yes, they may be snowed under with piles of requests, but is that an excuse? Every company that takes their clients’ satisfaction seriously should scale up their customer support according to their business. This should apply to all companies regardless of their size. So why on earth would you outsource?

CDN77 Support Requests

Every company, including CDN77.com, experiences difficulties. During peak hours, our tech support guys receive a new email request every ~2 minutes. I haven’t included our live chat, which is available 24/5 and we thrive to keep the average response time under 1 minute. Furthermore, in our industry, the vast majority of requests requires more than just “I’m really sorry for this {first_name} but I’m here to help. Send me your grandma’s date of birth, your national insurance number and your mother’s maiden name and we’ll fix it ASAP.” or “We’re sorry for any inconvenience that may have occurred. We’ll take a look at it. Please allow two (2) business days for a response.” The very fact that customers reach out to the live support implies that they expect things done as soon as possible. From a company’s perspective, it means that all such requests should be ASAP. At least for us at CDN77.com they are. When we say we’ll fix it, then we do whatever it takes to fix it right away, not tomorrow, not in two days.

With CDN77.com, no Kryten, C-3PO or Hal 9000 is responding to your queries and requests. Every enquiry goes to our 99% human in-house support guys. The remaining 1% relates to their occasional superhuman moments. Let’s meet them:

Support guy JZ

CDN77 Jakub – owing to his experience, he is rightfully considered to be the master Yoda of our support team. He lives by the wisdom “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Support guy MM

CDN77 Marek tears every problem apart like a raging bull.


CDN77 Sabrina is able to manage multiple queries at the same time with a single goal: to solve them.

Support guy MGCDN77 Martin solves every problem dead calm like it’s a piece of cake.

CDN77 Raza, who is just finishing his Master’s in engineering, is too shy to take photos 🙂 But when it comes to customer care, he often finds the most creative and helpful solutions.

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